About me

I’m the grown-up guy version of Moana. I write fiction and music after I’ve paid the bills. I love math and coding–any language so long as the project is meaningful.

Both sword and piano follow me throughout all my moves.

Other things you’re supposed to put in a cover letter: my fiction has won prizes from PLOUGHSHARES, ZOETROPE: ALL-STORY, GLIMMER TRAIN, NIMROD, and the SOUTHWEST REVIEW, along with writing fellowships from Dartmouth College and the Summer Literary Seminars. I received my MFA from NYU, where I studied with E. L. Doctorow and Kamau Brathwaite. But that’s not what’s important–please just jump in and read to find something you love! You can find a list of my publications at LinkedIn.

I’m also the founder of Ivy Scholastic, a tutoring service, and I upload free math videos, music, and fiction to my YouTube channel.

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